Premium Services

At Southern Psychiatry we understand that coming to see a Psychiatrist or a therapist can be anxiety provoking. We understand that some people are hesitant or reticent to use their insurance for Psychiatric problems. Other people might be looking for a longer and more in depth consultation to discuss their problems or they would prefer that their Psychiatrist manage their medicines and provide therapy.

Each case is different but if you are looking for our premium services the initial evaluation will be 90 minutes with 30 minute follow up appointments or longer at your request. This longer evaluation can involve family members if the patient would like them to attend. In this evaluation, the doctor and or therapist will spend some time getting to know your individual wants and needs and developing a treatment plan designed around this comprehensive evaluation.

If you are interested in Suboxone initiation, Sexual Dysfunction evaluation or Nutritional/Fitness Psychiatry evaluation those will be provided under our premium services. Please call us to schedule and discuss pricing. You can see an estimate of fees under our fee/pricing schedule/